Welcome to Clickwrapped — the web's report card

Whenever we use a website, we agree (sometimes without knowing it) to legal agreements such as terms of service and privacy policies. There are many clauses in these agreements that deserve our close attention. For example, what can the site can do with content we post? When can it disclose our personal information? But they are hard to read and it is difficult to know how one social network, search engine, or photo sharing site compares to another. Clickwrapped analyzes the policies and practices of leading consumer websites and grades each company according to how well it respects your rights.

Summary of results

Wikipedia is currently the highest ranking site in our survey and Craigslist is the lowest ranking. See the results page for a full set of results and discussion of our findings.

The maximum score possible in each category is 25 points. Click any colored bar to read our analysis of the relevant site.